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EML Team Blog
EML Team Blog

OSS Retail 2019 – Bespoke Team Building Design

For the last three years EML Team has supported OSS Retail (Formally The Oxford Summer School) for one afternoon and evening of their week-long residential courses based at Oxford University.

Utilising our expertise in designing team building activities we provide OSS with outdoor team sessions that stimulate communication and thoughtful dialogue between groups as they rotate around a selection of bespoke team exercises.

Guests who attend the School (again this year based at St Hugh’s College, Oxford) come from a wide range of leading retail businesses and there is requirement for meaningful, executive level team building activities to be delivered outside of a lecture theatre environment.

Following a series of feedback and planning meetings with client, the activities from previous years were again redeveloped, reshaped and enhanced in 2019 in order to meet with the exacting requirements set by the OSS Retail management team.

The format, rules and scoring of each activity was assessed so that the outcomes of the team building session were 100% quantifiable and would produce a session that was fun but also a powerful learning experience. As always EML Team are interested in delighting our clients and of course meeting and exceeding their goals and focus….this year was no different and measured against the clients clearly defined desired outcomes the following feedback was received:

‘Once again many thanks for your input into the foundation school 2019. We have had all the feedback from delegates and Group leaders. I am pleased to say that the team challenges went down really well again this year. 

We ask delegates to score the sessions under the headings of Usefulness, How challenging and Relevance to work:  The team challenges scored 92%, 88% and 90%.  

We ask Group Leaders to consider how effective sessions are in Generating Ideas and Relevance to objectives you scored 75% and 92%. ‘

The scores given by participants speak for themselves and it may be hard to score above the 92% mark with so many guests from such varied retail backgrounds and of course experiences – but we will obviously try! And It is interesting to note though that the ‘Generating Ideas’ score given by the group leaders was 75%…so we need to work on that!

The format of the session involves identical multiple sets of activities which the teams revolve around with a stop for a BBQ supper in the middle. The grounds of St Hughes are perfect for the session with a nice mix of open lawn and canteen / refectory spaces for the activities, which as you can imagine for an Oxford College, are well cared for and aesthetically pleasing to the eye… This is a small detail, however this is all part of the ‘look and feel’ of the event as delegates immediately feel relaxed and ‘invested in’ which in turn creates a positive learning environment.

As the teams move around the activities the EML Team Event Managers provided a concise and of course identical briefing to all the teams to ensure fairness and clarity. After each 30 minute session the OSS Team leaders lead a facilitated 10 minute discussion as to the aims and goals of the activity and improvements that could be made by an individual and of course the team – Again in an open and meaningful forum.