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EML Team Blog
EML Team Blog

COVID19 team building update – March 2020

Message from EML Team

Yeah we’re sorry, it’s another COVID-19 update email from another supplier but we’ve been a little quiet by our standards and we wanted to check in on you, check that you’re ok and let you know that we’re all still here.
Firstly, and most importantly, we just wanted to say that we hope you, your whole team and your families are safe, well and in good shape to weather this unprecedented storm.

We also wanted to reassure you that EML Team is financially secure (currently nibbling away at our plentiful store of ‘squirrelled’ away acorns), checking emails, answering calls and trying valiantly to educate our Children from home as this terrible situation unfolds.

For those customers who have booked Team Building activities with us in 2020 we are offering a no hassle, one-time date change. If this is you, please give your Consultant a call and we’ll get this sorted for you straight away.

Obviously in the newly minted Covid-19 business survival checklist, getting the team together for a face to face, meaningful team building event won’t exactly be your top priority right now. But eventually things will change for the better and businesses will need to ready their teams for the huge challenges that will inevitably lie in wait.

When the time comes we’ll be here, as we have for the last 20 years, ready to bring your teams back together after weeks of Zoom, Skype and Google Hangouts and ensure that they are cohesive, focused and motivated for the challenges that will be waiting for UK firms upon their return to some semblance of normality.

If you are feeling as bullish as we are or indeed your people have been called upon to work their socks off to help us all get through this crisis then give us a call and book a tailored team solution to boost morale, teamwork or workforce capabilities now (with some epic price reductions of course).

Finally, we have a 20 year pedigree in delivering live events HOWEVER over the years we’ve delivered scores of events and training solutions that have taken place over Virtual Conferencing for teams of people based in different locations.

Contact us now to discuss savings on 2020 bookings and to find out how we can help to keep your people feeling like a part of your team even if they are working in their pyjamas with 2 children swinging around their necks.

Signing off with the most important bit again – we hope you, your whole team and your families are safe, well and we genuinely can’t wait to hear from you all when we all get our lives back.

Best Wishes,

Neil, Jon, Sarah and the rest of the team.

Tel: 01905 330660 / Email: info@emlteam.com

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