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EML Team Blog
EML Team Blog

You’ve got 60 Seconds: Drop Your Team Into The Crystal Maze

Team building activities can sometimes be met with a silent groan by employees. This is often due to poor quality experiences in the past, with no discernible benefits to the employees or business. Booking a team building event with expert providers can help mitigate the resistance, as can having a familiar topic. Most people have heard of, if not enjoyed watching, the television show The Crystal Maze over the years, and EML’s team building activity follows the same enjoyable format with teams rather than individuals.

The Format

Employees work in teams against the other teams to solve problems and win the crystals. The activity takes place in the themed zones made famous on the show: Aztec, Industrial, Future, Medieval, and Ocean. The teams then come together in an exciting finale event in the Crystal Dome.

The Crystal Dome finale, where participants catch golden tickets, can be completed as a whole-team activity within a large dome, or in an inflatable individual dome where space is more limited. Either way, the experience is a high energy enjoyable event. It also provides unique insights into team function and performance.

Mobile Event

EML’s Crystal Maze is a mobile event that can come to your business setting. If you are a remote or distributed workforce, we will find you a suitable venue to host the Crystal Maze free of charge. We have enough Crystal Maze installations to provide this team building activity for up to five hundred employees.


Tangible outcomes from participating in the Crystal Maze team building activity include insights for improvement in key areas of individual and team business performance. The areas covered include time management, communication, and decision making. The activities can be adapted by the facilitator to drill down into these skill sets.

Team building activities like the Crystal Maze provide participants with better insight into their areas of strength and areas for development. These can be taken forward through personal development planning back at work. The activity also gives participants the opportunity to work with colleagues in a different way. This experiential learning can improve appreciation and empathy for one another and develop bonds of trust and collegiality, which in turn impact positively on business performance.

Up For The Challenge?

Get in touch on 01905 330660 or email info@emlteam.com if your think your team are up for the challenge at your next conference…

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