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EML Team Blog
EML Team Blog

NEW for Autumn 2019 – Health and Wellbeing Workshops for Team Building.

Movement team building

We are living in an age of choice. The amount of choices we have are making living healthy and happy lives more and more difficult.

What should we eat? How do we relax? Stress? What exercise should we do? What time do we go to bed?

Working with health and wellbeing professionals EML Team has deigned as series of accessible team workshops that help you and your team to make good choices.

Our workshops focus on the three key areas of movement, nutrition and mindfulness and are aimed  at changing the environmental context of your workplace to facilitate your team making healthy options the default choice.

Movement Matters

Not exercise, not Fitness, Movement.

EML has teamed up with UK leaders in functional fitness Team Metta to create a workshop that celebrates the health and wellbeing benefits of moving correctly.

Delivered by Metta’s experts in functional fitness we’ll help your teams to avoid the aches and pains brought on by modern life and help them stay happier and healthier for longer.

Activity doesn’t have to be daunting. In Movement Matters we combine elements of yoga, fun games and exercises with expert coaching to show your teams how to move, how to assess themselves for movement errors and how to address those errors.

Movement Matters provides an enjoyable, inclusive, inspiring and informative foundation to help employees to boost health and productivity by removing back pain, sciatica, neck pain and removing or reducing headaches.

Teams walk away energised with the tools to utilise the session’s insights in a fun and accessible daily training regime that is guaranteed to improve their health and happiness for life.

 Yoga in the Workplace

Our fully trained and highly experienced Yoga lead will guide your teams through a truly enlightening Yoga experience.

This workshop delves into the common postural pitfalls of modern-day living and office-based working environments. Here we’ll unravel common areas of stress and tension including neck, shoulders, middle-back, and lower back and what simple moves and stretches can be incorporated into daily lives to bring things back into balance. 
*This could be chair-based or standing – whatever is preferable, or a combination of both. 

Includes: A class using stretches poses, breathing and yoga tune- up ball massage.

Nutritional Pyramid Workshop

Great news! If you want to lose weight and feel healthier you don’t need to count your calories and you don’t need a special meal plan.

Delivered by an expert in nutrition this workshop explores how we so often like to skip the basics of good nutrition in search of a quick fix.

Using interactive group games and exercises our expert will demonstrate that without the foundation of good nutrition people quickly fall back into bad diet habits within a few weeks or months.

This Workshop introduces the Nutritional Pyramid – a simple model that allows you to align your nutrition with your own personal goals:

– Health Goals – losing weight, feeling good, eradicating medical conditions or reducing the risk of them
– Fitness Goals – building lean muscle mass, being leaner, recovering from training faster
– Performance Goals – adapting the body seasonally specifically to high performance or sporting goals

Mindfulness Made Easy

Learn how to keep your mind healthy by quickly mastering our simple techniques for a more balanced approach to life.

This accessible workshop is suitable for all abilities and consists of a guided interactive workshop on mindfulness and simple tips on how to get your mind in a good place.
This session addresses the importance of looking after the health of the mind. The session offers effective tools for detoxing the mind and moving towards a more balanced way of thinking thus helping us to cope with the stresses and fluctuations of daily life. 
Workshop includes:

– Myth busting meditation
– Powerful breathing and meditation practices to use anywhere, anytime
– The power of 3 deep breaths
– Top tips from the school of positive psychology on how to integrate mindfulness into daily lives, including daily mantra, examples of journaling exercises and quick shifts from stress and mental-fog to balance and focus

Contact us today to start your journey to becoming a healthier and happier team.