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EML Team Blog
EML Team Blog

Forget behaviours – its time focus on happiness and health with your next team building activity.

EML has spent 20 years building better teams by focusing on team behaviours and in that time things have evolved beyond all recognition. In the beginning ‘team building’ was a couple of laps of a paddock on a quad bike followed by a few beers. These days team building interventions are targeted at key behaviours, aligned with outcomes, underpinned by psychometric tools and used to identify ongoing training needs.

But there is another, huge factor of a team’s performance that seems to have slipped under the radar until recently whereupon it has exploded into view – the physical and mental health and wellbeing of the people in your team.

The health and wellbeing of your staff is intrinsically and inescapably linked to the performance of your entire organisation or individual team. No one can deny that staff who are off sick cannot contribute to the performance of your organisation but beyond this utilitarian view there is a deeper question also, namely is your organisation or team actually a good place to work?

If you do find yourself looking at absenteeism figures with frustration or your being told by your staff that yours is not a great place to work then perhaps it’s time for a different approach to building your team.

The team offsite, conference or quarterly social committee event long ago become a familiar forum to get your team together. Traditional, behaviour-based team building has always fit nicely into these gatherings so here are 3 x 2 hour workshops that will leave your team happier and healthier by using interactive team health and wellbeing activity sessions that can be a substitute for traditional behavioural solutions:


Your team will learn how to keep their mind healthy and master techniques for a more balanced approach to life. EML’s mindfulness workshop constitutes a guided, interactive session on mindfulness and how to get your mind in a good place.

This session addresses the importance of looking after the health of the mind. The session offers effective tools for detoxing the mind and moving towards a more balanced way of thinking helping us to cope with the fluctuations of daily life.


Movement and fitness doesn’t have to be daunting. In our fun and interactive Movement Matters team building activity we teach your teams how to move, how to assess themselves for movement errors and how to address those errors. In doing so we regularly help employees to boost health and productivity by removing back pain, sciatica, neck pain and removing or reducing headaches.


We live busy lives in a convenience culture; for most of us the temptation to grab food on the run, buy takeaways or eat supermarket ready meals is hard to resist.

Our professional nutritionists & chefs will show your team that eating well doesn’t have to be difficult, indeed it can be quick, easy and cheap – all it takes is a little knowledge and a tiny bit of forethought.

In our Nutrition Workshop’s your team can either experience a hands on approach in our mobile kitchens to prepare everything from ‘eating raw’ to fun smoothies as they learn the skills to super charge their diet and stay healthy for longer.

What next?

We are proud to have worked with the likes of HSBC, MITIE, Deloitte and Southampton Football Club in the delivery of Health and Wellbeing workshops all designed to replace traditional team building activities.

If you want to discuss doing something different this year by focusing on your team’s health and wellbeing instead of their behaviours at your next team building event then get in touch. Contact our team now on +44(0)1905 330660 or email us at info@emlteam.com a no obligation conversation on health and wellbeing and a prompt proposal.