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EML Team Blog
EML Team Blog

Super Charge Your Sales Conference Team Building Activity.

When your order books are full and your sales team is flying high you can be forgiven for being a little complacent. As a target driven sales team leader, it’s harder to perceive weaknesses in and threats to your sales team’s performance when you’re winning.

“We’re doing fine thanks! We don’t need team building”

You might be surprised to hear that most of the sales teams we work with are already performing well. Through 20 years of working with highly successful sales teams across a broad spectrum of industries, our advice is don’t wait until a sales team falls short of its target – do everything you can to push them from being “good” to being “great”! Positively reinforce and recognise the right behaviours whilst you’re on top of your game.

“Sound a bit much! We just want a bit of fun – we’ve had a great year!”

The annual sales conference is a great opportunity for you to share good news and celebrate successes with the troops. In our experience, leaders in sales often fall into the trap of limiting their offsite event or conference to a PowerPoint presentation, prizes for top performers, something “silly” like a bouncy castle for the staff, and a hangover the following morning!

‘Fun’ is an essential ingredient for any celebration of success, but in the context of ‘reinforcing the right behaviours’, it’s not the only ingredient.

If you start with the assumption that ‘fun is a pre-requisite’ then the next question is…

“What else can I get from my sales conference team activity?”.

Well, as you’ve asked, here are five key areas to consider when crafting a fun yet relevant sales team conference activity

  1. Underpin with knowledge. Try and keep your PowerPoints to a minimum and opt for an integrated, energetic and fun team activity that is underpinned by knowledge delivery to put the whole session into context for your sales team.
  2. Celebrate your top performers. Use the activity to celebrate and emulate the behaviours and practices of your top sales people. Before investing in consultancy, sales training and the latest CRM system, identify who your top performers are and share what they do. A team building activity is an ideal opportunity to celebrate and recognise your top performers and to install them as role models for the rest of the team.
  3. Keep it simple and focus on the basics. Sales teams that have had a good couple of quarters can very quickly stop doing the basics. When (not if) lady luck turns her back on them it is doing the basics that will get them back on track. Make sure your sales conference team building activity incorporates a refresher of best sales practice.
  4. Make it relevant. Running a sales themed activity such as the Dragons Den (Presentation Skills) or Construction Project (Tendering) can be fun and there will certainly be some ‘food for thought’. However, by keeping your activity relevant and focusing it on your business, what you sell and how you sell it, you will boost morale and generate several real world, practical changes that, once applied, will positively affect your sales figures in the weeks and months following the sales conference.
  5. Take part yourself. “Do as I say not as I do” is not a very inspiring mantra when trying to motivate and enable your team to perform at an even higher level. Disappearing into the bar to ‘take a few calls’ will simply not cut it. As a leader, roll your sleeves up and get involved in the activity. Share the laughs. Be relatable. Demonstrate that going from ‘good to great’ is important to you. If you’re not bothered, then why should they be?

We don’t want you to stop having “fun”. We want you to see how combining a fun, engaging event with knowledge and new ideas can make a fundamental impact to the conference.  Businesses don’t get many opportunities to get their workforce in one place at a time, so make the most of the opportunity.  Drive positive behaviours and look for ways to enhance skillsets so that your business development teams win more orders and generate more revenue for your company.

Talk to us about how your conference can make a measurable impact to the bottom line of your organisation.  Call us on +44(0)1905 330660 to learn more!