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EML Team Blog
EML Team Blog

The Sustainability of Team Building Events

Throughout the last twenty years or so that EML Team has always tried to reduce or keep to the minimum the amount of waste that is produced in facilitating a Team Building event…this is sometimes hard to achieve because of either the event, the location, the requirements of the client and or the duration of the session.

We recently worked with Willmott Dixon on a four-day conference and team build. The team build consisted of our superb Construction Challenge – Wacky Races event which up until a year ago involved a lot of materials from different sources, much of which had to be thrown away after the event as it had been used and therefor damaged by clients during the building phase of the activity. Some considerable time was invested by our team to find a sustainable way to run the activity with reusable parts and pieces…. So, we decided to invest in Meccano. For those of you who have used or bought this before you’ll understand that we had to buy a considerable amount to get the variation in parts required and of course we are not just working with individuals but many teams who have many different project designs and requirements.

During the Willmott Dixon event we set ourselves a private task to see how much we could re-use and recycle with out there being any impact on the sessions, So….

-The Meccano and wooden items were 100% recycled and useable again.

-The paperwork and instructions were either laminated for multiple use or guests were asked not to write or fold the paper – at the end of the event the laminated paperwork was all re-usable and we recycled 40 pieces of A4 paper.

-Other peripheral items were used and were purchased as multiple use items…. Only the used Sellotape and a small amount of carpet tape had to be disposed of.

In all, after 4 days of events, the waste products from the session could be held on one hand with more than 50% of this being able to be recycled rather than going to landfill. We a very happy with this solution!

As a national supplier of team building events we can afford to see a bigger picture and buy or make equipment according to our criteria. With smaller companies, or if a client chooses to run an activity session themselves, the waste or use of materials and resources can be high and although may live in ‘the back cupboard’ for a while, post event ,they will of course ultimately end in landfill. At EML Team like many, many other businesses in the UK and Europe we are looking at ways to reduce our green footprint – and this includes using public transport, when we can, for meetings or in this case ensuring everything we needed could be put into trolley bags and taken via train to London. This is not always the easier option but there are bonusses to doing this, as this reduces the stress on staff having to drive and finding parking spaces often in overcrowded congested locations.

We are not saying we are perfect, and we don’t always get it right. But working with the knowledge that we can all do better also works with our Core Values:

Collaboration: With Clients and colleagues

Passion: for delivering results

Experience: earned firsthand

Pride: In everything we do

Professional: throughout the customer journey

As you sit there (or stand if you are reading this on the tube) you may be asking yourself what is the cost of this…and are these guys more expensive than other options we are investigating? Well the answer is simply no. Because this is what we do at EML Team and because we work in dozens of client sectors we are able to invest and really think about your event and the equipment – and plan for all our futures.

Get in touch with us today! We’d love to hear from you – call our Consultants on +44(0)1905 330660 or email us at info@emlteam.com for a no obligation tailored proposal for your organisation.