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EML Team Blog
EML Team Blog

The Art of Creating a Great Team

We are often asked for a creative and meaningful indoor session for 2 to 3 hours to be held in the main conference room.

When our consultants speak to clients on the phone to discuss the event we usually find that activities such as our Art Factory are mentioned, though sometimes with a certain amount of trepidation on the clients behalf because “they can’t draw”…!

I have to say some of the best Art sessions we have done in recent times (and we’ve done a lot) have been completed by teams who we are told do not have an artistic bone in their collective bodies. The key seems to be in EML Team’s approach to how we brief the guests, our unique experience of running the sessions, the choices of art and the equipment provided.

The Art Factory is one of those team building events that genuinely has a legacy. We always suggest to clients that they think about what the event is for and what will happen to the artwork that is produced – in the last 5 months alone we know of at least 10 clients who have used the artwork produced as art on the walls of their office as proof that working together can literally build a better company. Although you can’t always see the bigger picture on a day to day basis when the company or team comes together with a little bit of vision and team work the overall business strategy can be seen and be something to be proud of -this team building activity encompasses this ethos and learning in a fun way.

In this highly inclusive team event your teams need to work together and show their creativity as they share ideas to make their team’s art masterpieces. We have used everything from company photos, to super heroes to pop art, so that you can see that there are many styles of work and potential outcomes.

Art Factory is an ideal tool for team building facilitation, large-scale conference fresheners or relaxed creative sessions. Our ranges of art-based team building activities are unlike anything else offered by us.

Art Factory comes with many formats that do not require any previous drawing or painting experience. Some of the formats require the teams to work together in micro groups whilst working toward a combined bigger picture. Through the process teams experience the potential of collaboration to successfully achieve a task based on your values and history.

This also provides an opportunity for a team building session that is truly unique as teams are encouraged to go in their own direction, take ownership of the creative process and make some art around your brief!

Even if you are unsure if this event is for you, do call us and we can talk through your requirements….we don’t expect you to produce a facsimile of a Rembrandt or a Banksy but the art produced will be your art, produced by your team and it will provide a lasting legacy and proof that working as a team can produce great things.