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EML Team Blog
EML Team Blog

Beat the isolation with our live, face to face, virtual team building

With EML, Team virtual events are very similar to ‘live’ face to face events in the way that our team are online and face to face helping you and your guests navigate through the event.

Traditionally – 8 months ago! – guests would arrive in a venue car park at a pre allocated time, or just before and walk in to be greeted by venue or our event staff. We still do this online. When you log into the selected chat room (Skype, Zoom or Teams) our staff are there to greet you and answer any initial questions. We prefer to call this element of the day The Foyer or Coffee Lounge as everyone can chat and interact and get comfortable before the main session starts AND this is terminology that everyone can relate to and simply understand.

While everyone is logging in our professional event managers are there to help and advise with any technical issues, chat or just help your guests to relax a little before the allocated task begins.

The allocated task may just be a bit of fun, a quiz or team activities. This will of course have been covered in the and proposal stage and sales element of the process, in all cases the guest experience is paramount in our thoughts.

One of the reasons we are great at live, hosted and virtual events is the 20+ years of experience EML Team has garnered through its growth and development. We are not going to lie to you and say putting on a virtual event doesn’t jangle the nerves sometimes we are of course dealing with guests computers and tablets of varying ages, Wifi that may be a little lower speed than would be available in a city centre office and telephone exchanges which can give a few seconds delay – all of which from an event management point of view can make an apparently simple task a little more interesting.

In October of this year EML Team were proud to work with Oxford Pharmagenesis on a 350 person virtual summer party which lasted 2.5 hours, or rather each one of the three lasted 2.5 hours as we were working with Australian, UK and US teams – this then threw in the added dimension of time zones and ensuring that each guest was effectively and easily communicated with so that everyone was able to connect at the right and of course same time.

While our virtual events are running – and incidentally we host and run our own events rather than subcontracting them out, which seems to be the scourge of the event industry right now as traditional face to face ‘Team building companies’ fail to act or react to a rapidly changing environment – our event hosts pop in and out of the virtual allocated team rooms as the senior event manager would do on a live event. We can take photos and video of course to capture a message, behaviours or just gather some promotional material for your intranet or company web magazine. Afterall what is the point of having an event if there is no legacy to it?

We have found that online sessions of any sort can be quite intense for some guests so would always recommend a break or two of 10 to 15 minutes just so everyone can relax a bit, chat, make a coffee or whatever. Again to use a real world example last week we worked with EcoAct (a London based business which helps implement positive change in response to climate and carbon challenges, whilst also driving commercial performance). This virtual event was a series of quiz rounds selected by them to suit their guests followed by a fun team session of Bingo! The session was scheduled for one hour and fifty minutes and during the editing process we created the session so that between the quiz and the Bingo the guests could have a bit of down time which helped to create a fun relaxed atmosphere.

At the end of the whole session we then brought the teams back into ‘The Foyer’ so that they could socialise and chat informally before they metaphorically left the session to re-join the rest of the world.

“Hi Jon, Just wanted to say a big thank you from myself and the rest of the team for such a fun two hours on Friday. Naturally gutted to have lost. I was one number away from winning Bingo twice.   Thanks again!”


What next?

Contact our team today on +44 (0)1905 330660 or email us at info@emlteam.com for more information on how we can adapt our huge range of team building events to be delivered across our virtual platform to supercharge your next team event.