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Kier Shared Service Centre - Game Show

21/06/18 07:53

Event: Game Show
Date: 21/03/18
Location: Manchester
Venue: Black Dog Ball Room

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Office Of National Statistics - Detective School

21/06/18 07:43

An afternoon Detective Training School at the Celtic Manor Resort for 15 team members, to enable the team to get to know each other and enhance team cohesion.

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BSI Group - Task Masters

21/06/18 07:38

An afternoon Taskmaster event for 35 guests in the BSI Marketing team to compete against one another over a series of our fun, enjoyable madcap Taskmaster challenges.

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British Swimming National Camp at Loughborough

21/06/18 07:30

Following EML Team’s recent success with their support staff, British Swimming approached us with a very specific request - to support 50 of the UK’s champion swimmers (Commonwealth and Olympic stars abound) on their National Camp at Loughborough.

View the gallery below!

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EML Team Supports Women V Cancer Charity Cycling Event

19/06/18 12:29

As our talented Operations Director, Sarah Tatham-Stone is no stranger to conquering a challenge, we were proud to show our support when she signed up to Women V Cancer’s Ride the Night; the UK’s largest all female charity cycling event.

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EML Skills – Sales & Business Development Training & Coaching

15/06/18 06:27

EML are delighted to announce the launch of our new division, EML Skills; which will deliver targeted training and workforce solutions in sales and business development and management. EMS Skills offers creative, flexible and cost effective training solutions for businesses looking to maximise the confidence and performance of their employees, leaders and organisation as a whole.

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Effective Staff Engagement Ideas You May Not Have Thought Of

08/06/18 04:46

Sometimes, the idea of team building has as much excitement as an annual budget meeting. People envision being forced to spend all day in a stuffy boardroom performing trust exercises and revealing their deepest feelings. These images from the early 90s, when “team building” first became a trendy practice for organisations, are thankfully no longer the norm.

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Exclusive Chocolatiers Event At Hand Picked Hotels

01/05/18 09:09

We absolutely loved last weekend, and if you’re a fan of Artisan chocolate then you would have too. On 21st April we were delighted to be supporting one of our key venue partners – Hand Picked Hotels at Ettington Park – by delivering a Chocolate Making Workshop as an exclusive supplier showcase event.

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Four Great Activities To Improve Business Communication Skills

06/03/18 10:24

An effective team is built around a group of talented individuals; each possessing a unique set of skills, values, perceptions, inhibitions and ambitions. These characteristics bring expertise and creativity to a work place but can also create conflict and distrust.

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Tips & Tricks For Creating A Better Work Environment & Improving Employee Productivity

28/02/18 05:44

There’s a strong relationship between a positive work environment and increased productivity. Employees who enjoy their role and feel valued and appreciated for going the extra mile are more likely to remain loyal to an organisation through periods of challenge or transition. In the great money vs happiness debate it appears job satisfaction and the prospect of career advancement will cause an employee to work longer hours for less money.

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