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Which Myers Briggs Personality Result Should Be Avoided At All Costs 

15/01/19 13:16

A team needs to work interdependently to reach an objective. To achieve this, however, members must be able to accommodate each other's personalities. The cohesion of a team depends on how people engage. For this reason, understanding the characters of team members is crucial. Knowing about team members' strengths and weaknesses makes it easier to manage them. Myers Briggs is one of the common personality tests that enterprises use to learn more about their employees. It can help a company identify where employees are most useful.

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How To Super Charge Your Graduate Trainee Programme

10/01/19 10:19

Recruiting high calibre graduates and preparing them for the challenges that lie ahead is an annual challenge faced by Human Resource Professionals.

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Start The New Year Positively With A Team Activity

09/01/19 15:32

I’d like to start by wishing you a very happy and successful New Year from all of us at EML team. 2019 will bring a lot of opportunities for every sector, so let’s grab them with both hands. Our job is to help you achieve the full creative and productive potential from your business this year.

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How To Improve Communication Skills In The Workplace

07/01/19 12:18

We’ve heard it all over the last few years, how to boost office communication skills, business profitability, and ultimately your bottom line. Open plan offices, relaxed, laid-back management styles, easy chairs, comfortable sofas, natural sunlight, flexi-hours, and team building exercises, the list goes on.

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7 Team Building Activities To Build Unity

03/01/19 14:24

Whether you have an achievement to celebrate or you want to boost morale and unity within your team, a team building activity can help you do just that! With such a wide variety on offer at EML Team, there is something for every occasion and every team.

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Why Should You Invest In Corporate Team Building Activities?

31/12/18 15:30

Corporate team-building activities. For many, the idea sends chills down the spine, invoking images of awkward group hugs. Mercilessly parodied in “that” episode of The Office, there can be a certain aura of disdain around the notion. Why, then, is corporate team building still recognised as a crucial element of successful organisational strategy?

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Bank Heist For EML

28/12/18 11:07

We all – privately, perhaps – enjoy having a slight smile at the perils of corporate existence. No office is exempt, and, despite their proven track record of achieving meaningful results, team-building activities have been the butt of numerous jokes that are unlikely to age anytime soon. News stories, such as armed police being called in 2018 to deal with bank staff playing hide-and-seek, do not help. Unfortunately, neither are they uncommon. The same thing had already happened to a marketing firm in 2008.

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Our Way Of Working: Bespoke Team Building Activities For Your Business

24/12/18 11:01

If there’s one word that is rarely partnered with ‘team-building activities’, it may well be ‘bespoke’. Attend the majority of team-focused outings, and the word that springs to mind is probably ‘generic’.

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How Team Building Identifies Training Needs

20/12/18 10:56

Team-building as a term is something that most businesses are familiar with. It’s not just the parodies, or the rare yet amusing headlines (Lloyds and NatWest have both gained unfortunate publicity in that regard). It’s primarily because most of us have attended team-building events, and have both enjoyed them and benefitted from them. Sometimes, we’ve even been transformed by them.

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3 Benefits Of Working With A Business Consultant

19/12/18 14:18

The Financial Times infamously called Business Consultants “a curse”. However, as the FT itself pointed out, it was a lack of decent consultants within the banking sector that led to catastrophic events such as the 2008 financial crash.

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