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What Is Workforce Development & How Can It Help You?

14/11/18 10:25

Say what you will about the economic policies of Karl Marx but the philosophical notion of workers as faceless components in a soulless automaton is (unfortunately) an enduring one in the popular mind.

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Team Building Trends For Autumn/Winter 2018

07/11/18 10:39

Summer holidays are over, children back to school, and the whole team finally back behind their desks or machinery. The summer period is a great opportunity to discover whether your workforce can truly perform as a team, or whether they just feel a job is a job. Projects must be shared, perhaps temps drafted in, and workloads increased to compensate for those on annual leave.

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6 Team Building Activities To Build Trust

01/11/18 14:53

'There's no team without trust' as Paul Santanga of Google put it - building trust in your workplace will improve relationships, communication and productivity. Your employees will work more efficiently as a team and everyone will benefit from increased morale at work.

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5 Team Building Disasters To Avoid

25/10/18 14:52


Human resource budgets are being squeezed in all areas of industry. Businesses are having to reduce spend while continuing to improve the skills and abilities of their workforce. One area particularly hard hit is that of team building.

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Do Team Building Activities Really Work?

17/10/18 14:52

Do team-building activities really work...? It’s a question that has been asked by countless leaders, managers, employees, and academics. For some, the question comes down to an issue of return on investment (ROI). For others, there are profound puzzles about human cognitive development, behaviourism and psycho-social interaction.

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4 Team Building Activities to Boost Morale!

27/09/18 14:25

Everyone knows that morale can be a make-or-break element in any organisation. Good morale increases productivity, unlocks creativity and helps employees to bond. The term “team-building exercise” may sound like something entirely unconnected however, it is now increasingly recognised that team-building plays a crucial role in strengthening morale in a variety of ways.

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Shooting Success At The MLAIC World Championships

07/09/18 16:30

Many congratulations to EML Director, Jon Huggett, having just returned from the 28th MLAIC World Championships in Eisenstadt, Austria.

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Why Invest In Team Building Activities For Work? (4x Winning Reasons)

31/07/18 09:58

If you’ve never considered team building, it’s time to find out what you’ve been missing out on and why team building activities should be an important focus in every team management strategy.

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The Importance Of Business Team Building Activities

24/07/18 11:11

There is a strong link between employee engagement and financial performance. Businesses who invest in building committed, motivated teams enjoy increased productivity and profitability. Engaged employees are a valuable asset, as they work with energy and clarity; both individually and collaboratively to help their organisation achieve its goals.

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Nisbets - Feel the Beat - Boomwackers

17/07/18 11:26
A conference energiser for teams in the form of our superb rhythm workshop. Teams are given 'boom whackers', brightly coloured, inflatable sticks to bang together to a beat. Boom Whackers is facilitated by our lively presenters and it left the team at Nesbits dancing to the same beat and ready for anything.
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Team Building Activities With Purpose

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