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EML Team Blog
EML Team Blog

5 Free Remote Team Building Games

With teams all over the world peering at one another across virtual conferencing software here are 5 free team building games on us for building morale and communication remotely.

Each remote worker comes up with 3 ‘amazing facts’ about themselves HOWEVER only 2 of them need to be true and 1 one of them should be a lie. Each team member takes turns whilst the others try to identify the lie. Team Leader keeps score. Great fun and a great way to get to know each other.

House Hunters

Team members take turns as rival ‘House Hunters’. House Hunters must find pre-determined household items and bring them back to the camera within 90 seconds of being told what it is by the baying virtual crowd. Miss the time limit and you’re out!

Game Show / Quiz

Family quizzes have been a great way of connecting with loved ones over the lock down period, why not extend this to your own team? Challenge 6 team members to come up with one round each – this equates to about 2 hours. Screen sharing really adds to the production value. Nominate someone to mark. Just use an honesty system. It’s easy and fun.

Vlogger of The Month

Each team member must create a short video on their mobile phone. 90 seconds max. The topic can be anything you like but you should all agree the same topic in advance. We recommend creating a spoof ‘Day In My Life” short featuring a series of improbable activities conducted around the house on an average day of lock down. The best video wins the coveted Vlogger of The Month award….or week if you’re really keen!

The Big Picture

The team leader must get a high-resolution image that’s meaningful to the team. It can be a graphic from the office or a famous work of art.. it’s up to you. This is the tricky bit…you need to break the image into equal parts with one emailed to each team member taking part. Each participant must recreate the section not understanding what the ‘bigger picture looks like’. Once completed the parts are reassembled to crate the big picture.

Other tips..

  • We like Zoom for it’s neat gallery view but all the others are fine.
  • Set up a free WhatsApp group with you team to send instant challenge and pictures

Important Tip…

If you don’t have the time or you are a bit nervous around the technology – give Neil, Jon and Sarah a call on 01905 330660 or email us at info@emlteam.com