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6 Team Building Activities To Build Trust

Posted by Neil Cleaver on 01/11/18 14:53

6 Team Building Activities To Build Trust

'There's no team without trust' as Paul Santanga of Google put it - building trust in your workplace will improve relationships, communication and productivity. Your employees will work more efficiently as a team and everyone will benefit from increased morale at work.

Our team-building activities are a great way to build trust within your team. You'll create some fun memories, learn more about each other and leave with a greater trust and bond as a team.

Give these a try:

1. Race Against Time In The Junkyard Challenge

The Junkyard Challenge will test your team's cooperation, creativity and initiative. You'll race against time to engineer a machine from items you salvage from the scrap heap. Your team will develop better communication skills and learn to trust each other's abilities and talents. The tasks will need to be shared out amongst team members or you won't get everything done in time! 

2. Work Together To Solve A Murder Mystery

Your participants will rely on each other to decipher the clues, unravel the mystery and discover the perpetrator in our Detective School workshop. Time limits will increase the pressure so team members will need to pull together, develop trust and effective communication to solve the mystery before time's up!

3. Join Forces In The Build Bridges Activity

Your team will be assigned a challenging brief and will need to use each team member's abilities to create a bridge that will stand up to the test. Will your team's bridge hold or will it collapse?

4. Test Your Team With Some Quick Fire Challengers, Taskmaster Style

Our weird and wonderful tasks will really push your team's ability to co-operate to the limits! You'll discover that you perform best when you all work together and you might learn something new about your colleagues too!

5. Super Chef - Will Your Team's Bakes Stand Up To The Taste Test?

Work as a team to create tasty delights from afternoon tea to cakes and more. You'll need to manage the pressure of the kitchen, divide responsibilities and pull together to make a delicious meal.

6. Collaborate on a Big Picture masterpiece

You’ll be able to get your creative juices flowing as each member of your team works on an individual piece of art, which will then be collated to make one 'Big Picture' masterpiece. The artwork will be a great visual example of the combined strength of your team. You'll learn to trust and respect each member's talents and ideas - you're stronger together than apart! Install the artwork in your office as a reminder of what your team can achieve.

So there you have it…

These are some of our most popular team-building activities to build trust and cooperation within your team. You'll all have fun and, more importantly, your team will develop greater trust-based relationships, making a solid basis for future projects and reducing the likelihood of disagreements and conflict in your office.

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