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Back to School for Michelle and Sarah

Posted by Neil Cleaver on 14/12/16 16:22

Back to School for Michelle and Sarah.jpg

Last week's stand out out team building event was delivered by Michelle Pogmore and Sarah Tatham for 360 Year 9 pupils at the Coombe Academy in Surrey. The event was designed to use complex architectural plans and Lego bricks to help the students build better team working skills. Time and again we hear from our clients that they would like to see the communication and interpersonal skills of new recruits / school leavers improved.

Arguably the massive cultural shift towards digital communication has left some of these soft skills in need of development in some candidates. Team events are a great way to expose students to team working and to equip them with the skills needed to shine in any candidate assessment day.

Over the years we have amassed quite a lot of experience of working with Schools all over the Country. Ages usually range from Year 8 up to 6th Form. We've put together a menu of about 10 adapted team building games that can be tailored for each key stage.

One of the challenges that we come up against with Schools is budget. Our solution is run the event on site at the school and to work closely with the faculty on the day to enable us to bring our staff numbers down thus reducing the cost significantly (as well as reducing any perceived risk).

The other challenge presented by Schools is the energy required to drive the day through. Poor Michelle and Sarah are still in recovery.... but they'll be fully recovered soon enough! haha

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