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How To Super Charge Your Graduate Trainee Programme

Recruiting high calibre graduates and preparing them for the challenges that lie ahead is an annual challenge faced by Human Resource Professionals. A tightening of the UK labour market and stiff competition by organisations for the brightest and best means that Human Resources Departments must constantly reassess the effectiveness of their graduate intake programmes toRead More

How To Improve Communication Skills In The Workplace

We’ve heard it all over the last few years, how to boost office communication skills, business profitability, and ultimately your bottom line. Open plan offices, relaxed, laid-back management styles, easy chairs, comfortable sofas, natural sunlight, flexi-hours, and team building exercises, the list goes on. For some, instigating these changes and activities has bought the desiredRead More

Why Should You Invest In Corporate Team Building Activities?

Corporate team-building activities. For many, the idea sends chills down the spine, invoking images of awkward group hugs. Mercilessly parodied in “that” episode of The Office, there can be a certain aura of disdain around the notion. Why, then, is corporate team building still recognised as a crucial element of successful organisational strategy? Because whenRead More

Bank Heist For EML

We all – privately, perhaps – enjoy having a slight smile at the perils of corporate existence. No office is exempt, and, despite their proven track record of achieving meaningful results, team-building activities have been the butt of numerous jokes that are unlikely to age anytime soon. News stories, such as armed police being calledRead More

Our Way Of Working: Bespoke Team Building Activities For Your Business

If there’s one word that is rarely partnered with ‘team-building activities’, it may well be ‘bespoke’. Attend the majority of team-focused outings, and the word that springs to mind is probably ‘generic’. Or at least, it used to be. Today’s team-building landscape has drawn from the well of scientific theory, rigorous research, and continual developmentRead More