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5 Team-Building Activities That Need You To C-OM-M-U-N-I-C-A-T-E

Posted by Neil Cleaver on 11/11/19 17:27

Speak Up - 5 Team-Building Activities That Need You To C-OM-M-U-N-I-C-A-T-E

EML provides a wide selection of team building activities to develop communication skills.

Here are five that require team members to communicate throughout.

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1) Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code is an immersive treasure hunt that needs the team to work together to crack the ancient code. Only the teams that can communicate effectively to prioritise and delegate the tasks will be able to unlock the code.

Teams often carry members that don’t participate effectively. Another issue is that some teams are dominated by powerful voices. The beauty of the Da Vinci Code is that it harnesses the technology of 4G tablets, GPS units, and cameras. This gives every team member a role and reason to communicate towards solving the puzzle. Every voice will help the team achieve success.

2) Team Challenge

This is a versatile set of team building activities7 Team Building Activities To Build Unity in which the teams go round a set of practical challenges. The Team Challenge can be tailored to focus on the specific skills you want your people to develop. Good communication between participants is embedded in every activity. The Team Challenge can be delivered both indoors or outdoors, depending on the setting. Clarity of communication is vital as each activity challenge is set against the clock. Teams will pick up the pace and quality of their communication in order to compete successfully against their colleagues.

3) Communication Tool Box

This is a team-building session aimed at managers. It can also be adapted to suit various core functions such as sales, customer service or senior management teams. The professional facilitator will take participants through three or four experiential learning exercises. Each exercise includes group discussion and feedback segments in which good communication is central. Participants will be able to return to the workplace with improved communication insights and implement these immediately.

4) The Heist

Escape rooms have grown in popularity in recent years. They make for excellent team-building activities because communication is critical to success. The Heist is a mobile activity which can be delivered on the client’s site, where teams communicate to problem solve and unlock a safe.

To successfully unlock the safe, team members need to communicate to retrieve the codes needed. All teams come together to compete in an exciting final safe-cracking activity. The best communicators win!

5) Taskmasters

In this activity teams work fast to complete twelve tasks in three hours, so very much against the clock. The time pressure, combined with the deliberately bizarre nature of the tasks, means that good communication in the team is essential.

Taskmasters is also a lot of fun due to the outlandish nature of some of the tasks e.g. how do you conceal six pineapples in a team of five people? An additional benefit is that the scoring can be weighted to ensure it prioritises good communication as an objective in winning teams.

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All these activities, when taken in combination with the facilitator’s post-activity team reports, will support the development of good communication skills in your employees. Browse our selection of team building activities to see what you fancy!

The Guide To Improving Communication With Team Building

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The Guide To Improving Communication With Team Building

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