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Building Cars To Build A Team – Conference Team Building

Working closely with the client our team came up with an initiative team session to tie in with the clients’ conference requirements. After a few ideas were discussed and a site visit carried out the client decided to base the team building solution on our Construction Project format. Being a car company our ‘Wacky Races’ team session seemed to fit the bill perfectly – though we did of course have to ‘build’ the session and brief around the client’s core values.

Required Specifications:

Client: A major luxury car manufacturer
Location: Crewe, Cheshire
Numbers: 150 in 20 teams
Duration: 4 hours



This session was designed to test the teams in a number of ways, from time management, budget management, team work and of course problem solving and creativity. The client’s core values were easy to work with, being ‘Innovation’, ‘Sustainability’, ‘Collaboration’, ‘Authenticity’ and ‘Integrity’.

Building Cars To Build A Team - Conference Team Building


After several meetings and conversations, our proposal was able to reflect the above by not only including the building section of our Construction Project format, but we were able to give the client 5 absolutely identical sets of team building equipment over four challenges – the rules, of course, creating a level playing field for everyone. The teams then had to undertake the team activities in order to earn fun money to buy what they thought was necessary to fit the design brief in the afternoon.

Sustainability being a core value meant that we were keen to ensure that there was little waste and rubbish created from the event, which we were easily able to demonstrate prior to the event and on the event day, due to the nature of the equipment and our approach.

The afternoon section saw the teams being presented with a large shop full of useful, but surprisingly expensive items, wherein the teams had to plan out and work together to build a small self-propelled car. Our team were surprised to see some very innovative ideas being discussed and planned out, resulting in some of the best designs we have ever seen on this activity.

Building Cars To Build A Team - Conference Team Building


As expected, the delivery was faultless. Our team were on site at 9am for an 11am start. This allowed the client to be flexible with their start times and coffee break times. Indeed, we started 30 minutes ahead of schedule without any problems.

The teams completed the 4 team activities prior to a BBQ lunch, though they were keen to investigate the contents of the shop prior to it officially opening. Finishing slightly ahead of the original finish time due to the earlier start, the finale in the main sports hall was inevitably very funny with the teams giving a short presentation on their cars, the design and decoration prior to final testing.

With a short presentation by our Skills Director, Chris Butler, to follow up the day the event team captured lots of photos and videos to share with the client post event.

For more information on team-building activities that you and your colleagues can get involved with today, please contact us here.