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EML Team Blog
EML Team Blog

Ready, Steady, Cook! A Team Meal

Most people are familiar with the phrase ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’. EML’s Super Chef challenge is the team building activity that will bring this saying to life, and see if it applies to your team.

Who Does What?

Commercial kitchens operate along delineated lines of control and command. Every team member will know their role and stay within it. Putting a team of non-chefs together in this team building activity means participants can experience working together in a different way. Before they can even start the cooking process, they will have to work out who is in what role. Even these discussions may bring Apprentice-style conflicts out in members.

How a team addresses and hopefully resolves these issues will affect their overall performance in the activity. They will be tested on a range of transferable skills relevant to the workplace, including: planning, creativity, teamwork, and time management.

Professional Chef Facilitation

Super Chef is run with a chef in add in the time pressure of a three-hour workshop at which the end result can be presented to a panel for tasting, and there are all the ingredients for a fun, but challenging activity.

EML can bring Super Chef to your venue or provide a suitable venue as part of the workshop cost. While Chef Ramsay is probably not going to be available, household names have worked with EML to deliver these events in the past. Celebrity chefs include John Torode, Marcus Pierre White, and Gary Rhodes.

Rich Insights

An intense activity like Super Chef will highlight the temperaments, skills, and attributes of individual team members. Should you decide to introduce a Master Chef judging aspect to the product at the end, it will be interesting to see how the teams cope with the pressure. Some may step up to the challenge. Others may protect their egos by not taking it seriously. Rich insights can be gathered over the course of only three hours.

Give It A Try

Why not combine the high pressure and excitement of a Super Chef team building event with some lunchtime or evening hospitality? This provides a range of benefits. Teams learn from the team-building learning activity, the employer better understands the areas for team development, and employees feel valued and supported. Win-win all round!