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EML Team Blog
EML Team Blog

Engineering A Successful (and Safe) Team Building Day with Parker Hannifin.

We love team building with a purpose. Fun is always a given with our team building and training but when we deliver something that is really impactful that leaves an organisation more capable and more cohesive then that’s when we get really happy!

We’ve found that never is our team building and training more impactful than when we collaborate closely with our client family to craft bespoke interventions and activities that are truly unique to their organisation.

When the amazing team at Parker Hannifin in Warwick contacted us to help them with their 2019 onsite safety team day we were delighted and intrigued…

The Client was very experienced at delivering an annual event internally and had a very clear vision of what they wanted to achieve with an event BUT they were short on time and wanted to bring in the professionals (that’s us) to do the delivery.

Health and Safety Training and Team Building may not be natural bedfellows but the client wanted a varied, inclusive and engaging safety themed day to be delivered at their production facility. The day needed to be focused on getting across a message of safety first whilst still having fun.

We agreed on a Soap Box Derby team building event as the format that we would tailor to the client’s needs. Following several face to face meetings and site visits we agreed to split the day into 2 parts.

Part 1 – Exploring Safety

In the first part of their day teams would undertake a series of three health and safety themed learning modules namely:

  • An Accident Investigation (taken from our Police Training Activity) in which the participants examined the evidence in order to uncover the root cause of a fictitious accident.

  • An adapted Movement Matters Workshop delivered by a professional functional fitness coach with content around manual handling and moving safely to avoid sciatica, back and neck pain.

  • A tailored Communication Toolbox Workshop which included a series of team exercises that focued on communication. The module was contextualised by our facilitator around the importance of communication when addressing matters of safety in the workplace.

Teams earned points for their achievements in the first part of the day and the points were converted into fun money for the afternoon’s activity…. we’ll explain why in a moment.

After a healthy lunch provided by gourmet, mobile caterers (a healthy heart is surely linked to your health and safety!) it was time to move on to the Soap Box Derby project in the second part of the day.

Part 2 – Delivering Safely

“What’s a Soap Box Derby got to do with Health and Safety?” I hear you ask.

It could have been any number of our team building activities really but we needed something that was really fun yet had a clear and present element of genuine risk. Before starting on the Soap Box Derby project the Parker Hannifin teams conducted a full risk assessment of the activity and then produced a short presentation outlining the steps they had taken to mitigate any risk to both their team’s members and the spectators.

Once the assessments were complete and the identified risks addressed it was time to commence the Soap Box Derby Project in earnest.

Teams had to purchase materials (with the fun money) safely build and then race pedal go karts on a difficult racecourse against the clock…

There was an element of risk to this final event BUT… when the team’s applied what they had learnt during the first part of the day and combined it with Parker Hannifin’s existing laser focus on health and safety, it’s safe to say that they all had fantastic fun on this bespoke team building activity.

What were the outcomes?

The event was really well received, and the team left the session with:

  • More energy and more cohesion
  • Greater insight into safe manual handling and how to avoid back pain and sciatica
  • An understanding of the importance of effective written and verbal conversation when communicating risk to colleagues
  • A refresher in investigating / considering risk and producing accurate risk assessments
  • More focus on health and safety moving forwards


Last week was a great day, I have only received positive feedback from the employees and that they fully appreciated your teams input and energy throughout the day.

I have had a quick look at the photos and they look amazing, really captured the day and people’s interaction with each other.

Internally we will look on how we can continue to build on what we have learnt and will defiantly see if EML could support anything in the future. “

“Neil – Just a Thanks from me for yesterday
Please thank all in your team for day.

Still wearing my medal!”

If you need a team building event or training programme to address a specific need (as well as have great fun) then get in touch on info@emlteam.com or +44(0)1905 330660