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Exert: UK Corporate Excellence Awards 2015: EML "Best in Team Building Events 2015"

Posted by Neil Cleaver on 14/12/16 16:17

UK Corporate Excellence Awards 2015.jpg

For our process, we offer team experiences and team development formats that encourage team effectiveness by enhancing communication, cohesion, collaboration, time management, leadership skills and morale leading to an improved group dynamic. Since our inception, we have always provided high quality levels of service, and over the last three years we have concentrated on recruiting high quality staff and having state of the art equipment. We believe that this will ensure that the client gains a complete event experience and receives a real return on their investment.

Whatever the event, the EML Team ensure that fitting proposals and often bespoke event formats are presented to clients – whether that be a Maori Haka, a day’s sailing or more traditional team building session. Furthermore, we are constantly looking to innovate in the market, and we do this by providing a variety of contemporary and original activities which allows us to be more than just a one stop shop for clients. In order to ensure that we are at the forefront of our industry, remaining competitive, innovative and skilled is essential.

At EML Team, we try to stay ahead of market trends and to keep our events contemporary by constantly updating our portfolio. We strive to develop our customer relationships, as every customer is a highly valued stakeholder in our business. On top of this, our sales staff run a variety of events, so have all the soft skills and background knowledge to help advise a client at the initial enquiry stage - as well as get to grips with the event brief with all the necessary information.

In terms of our company culture, our buzz phrase for the last few years has been ‘Create, Deliver, and Exceed’. This translates into our objectives as we look to deliver high levels of service, quality and value to our clients. Three of our senior staff are also MBTI and Belbin Team Roles facilitators which enables us to give both quality and applicable feedback based on well-known and respected theory. Achieving this award provides recognition for all of years of hard work that have gone into building our organisation. As a team building company, that is Best for Team Building Events it is extremely important that EML Team has a great group of dedicated, innovative and motivated staff which we do. This enables us to be a market leader, and we believe our dedicated staff have been the key driving force behind our success.

Looking towards 2016 and beyond, we are very optimistic about the future of our company. We have just finished going through a rebranding exercise and have re-launched our website.

We look forward to freshening up and polishing new events for 2016.

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The Guide To Improving Communication With Team Building

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