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Posted by Neil Cleaver on 14/12/16 16:19
Time and again I hear clients frame rival Management Team Training sessions in terms of the frustration felt at the lack of application of any theory covered to real business issues and ultimately to the lack of outcomes full stop.

When you consider how busy we have all become the need for real, applicable outcomes from a time constrained management training session has never been greater.

Whenever I run a bespoke management training session I always ask the group "have you done anything like this before?". I am nearly always faced with a sea of hands and a cacophony of every conceivable psychometric reporting tool in the marketplace. "What did you do with it?" I ask, "Nothing Really - someone talked at us for 4 hours" is the usual response. I run a lot of these sessions and I have to accept that there is a burden of responsibility on me to raise the bar and not to simply be another hand in the air at the next session.

SO WHAT? The sessions that I put together have the question SO WHAT? at their heart. If we can't collaborate to answer that question by applying a management tool to real world challenges that you're facing and coming up with a practical solution then save your money and spend the afternoon catching up with your emails.

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