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A Fun Evening With The Team Or An Exercise In Business Growth... Why Not Both?

Posted by Neil Cleaver on 14/11/19 10:30

A Fun Evening With The Team Or An Exercise In Business Growth... Why Not Both

It’s no secret that somewhere along the line, team building events got a bit of a murky reputation. Reputable events became seen as expensive jollies dressed up as a serious business. Even if this were true in some cases, it’s a substantial misrepresentation of the possibilities that a well-facilitated evening team building event offers an organisation and its employees. After all, teams that play together do indeed stay together.

Guide To Team Building Activities With Purpose

Employee Retention

As recruitment and retention is a significant cost for companies, it makes sense to invest in team building so that employees stay. A high-quality evening event adds an interesting dimension to the activity for participants. It has the benefit of still providing valuable insights for team managers.

People tend to relax more at evening events, which offers more opportunities for authentic team bonding to take place. Back at the office, under pressure during the daily routine, this new-found appreciation for colleagues pays dividends. It makes good business sense to provide the option of a team building event that harnesses these possibilities.

Range Of Entertainment-Based Activities

EML offers a flexible menu of evening events that can be delivered before or after hospitality or dinner, depending on preference. Choose from Pub Games, Golf Team Tournament, Horse Race Night, Casino Royale, The Hustle and other activities suitable for the evening.

To reflect today's workforce composition and interest, EML has a broad selection of evening activities. Much of the evening activity on offer is based on entertainment themes. This is important to attract employees. Mandating attendance at out of business hours events can be harder to enforce. It's important to create a pull factor so that employees want to attend the event.

The Benefits

There are several advantages of investing in an evening team-building activity. The employer will gain insights into team performance. Individual employees will feel valued and rewarded for their contribution. The combination of activity, entertainment, and hospitality means that some employees might choose to extend the event or organise other events during their own personal time.

Respect & Friendship

Genuine bonds of friendship and respect between work colleagues can be formed as a result of the initial facilitated event. Motivation at work can increase, and the risk of conflict and miscommunications diminish. A moderate investment in putting on an evening event for employees can benefit the business all year round. Get a fun and rewarding activity booked for your team in time for Christmas! Call 01905 330660, or email info@emlteam.com for more information.

Team Building Activities With Purpose

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