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How To Improve Communication Skills In The Workplace

Posted by Neil Cleaver on 07/01/19 12:18

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We’ve heard it all over the last few years, how to boost office communication skills, business profitability, and ultimately your bottom line. Open plan offices, relaxed, laid-back management styles, easy chairs, comfortable sofas, natural sunlight, flexi-hours, and team building exercises, the list goes on.

For some, instigating these changes and activities has bought the desired results. Others have reverted back to a mix of open plan and cubicle working. The easy chairs and comfy sofas have been replaced with standard office furniture, flexi-hours have been cut back, and team building activities have gone out the window. So why does it work for some and not others?

The Weakest Link

In most instances the changes made or activities undertaken have been ill thought out. One size doesn’t fit all. Open plan and flexi-hours don’t suit all business patterns, any more than laid back management styles suit all industry types. There is, however, one activity that has been proven to work across all sectors of commerce and industry, and that’s team building events.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Increasing the strength of that link will improve the overall strength of the chain, improving communication in the workplace and increasing productivity. Correctly designed team building activities can do just that across all employment sectors.

Twenty Years’ Experience In Team Building Activities

Team building activities are not just about trips into the wilderness and building a log raft to cross a raging torrent, although in some instances that will work. They can include team work on a paintball afternoon, or a one on one activity such as a track day or kart racing.

They can also involve appreciation events for a job well done such as fun trips to the theatre, to a restaurant or a music festival. They can be designed to help middle and upper management hone their communication skills. They can help develop personal creativity and team collaboration (it’s that raft again), and they can improve an individual’s self-confidence.

After nearly twenty years in the business, we have developed a comprehensive range of over fifty activities which can be tailored to suit your workforce demographic and the business goals you wish to achieve with a more enthusiastic and motivated team.

Our aim is to help you build employee confidence, improve management techniques, reduce office disputes, sick leave, and staff turnover, increase project participation and improve communication and productivity in the workplace.

A Dedicated Events Team

Our teams include trainers, coaches, designers, and consultants. We offer workshops for Psychometrics and business practises. We advise and arrange practical activities for employee team building, increased creativity, and improved project management skills. We also have event management teams to ensure your company’s special thank you day goes without a hitch.

If your previous team building experiences left something to be desired or you find the whole thing rather overpowering, please contact us. We have experts on hand to help guide you through the team building activities best suited to your workforce and the best ways to improve creativity, productivity, and communication skills in your office.

The Guide To Improving Communication With Team Building

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The Guide To Improving Communication With Team Building

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