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The Thinker On The Race Track: Wrong Personality Types In The Wrong Roles

Posted by Neil Cleaver on 14/01/20 09:55

The Thinker On The Race Track - Wrong Personality Types In The Wrong Roles

Making sure an organisation has the right people in the right roles is a business-critical function. Human capital deployed into the wrong roles can lead to a negative employee experience. This can present major barriers to teams achieving their optimum performance.

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Knowing The Team

Getting to know which personality types are represented in your team helps you place the right people in the right roles, for not only their skills and experience but also their predispositions. Team building activities are a fun yet challenging way of generating this knowledge for both the employer and the employee.


Our EML Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) team building workshops are ideal for generating this kind of business intelligence. Delivered across a half-day or whole day workshops, the MBTI methodology provides detailed insights into individuals’ strengths across sixteen different personality types. It’s important to remember that although all MBTI types are different, all are equal. The workshops help identify a range of psychological traits that help the employer match people to roles and highlight any gaps in the team.

Personality Types

Discover how many introverts and extroverts you have and combine these attributes with insights around people’s tendencies for thinking or feeling, sensing or intuition, and judging or perceiving. Introverts tend to become drained by lots of interaction, so busy forward-facing roles may not get the best out of their skills and talents. Extroverts will thrive and become more energised when interacting with clients. Similarly, roles relating to quality control may need a team that includes people with both judging and sensing indicators. As this article title suggests, placing the thinker on the race track will not help you win the business race, but the thinker would be great in a team that develops the overall race strategy.

Measurable Outcomes

MBTI has been used over many years by blue-chip companies to get the best out of their people and to increase overall levels of productivity and happiness in the workplace. The psychometric tool has been extensively tested hundreds of times and found to be a valid and reliable instrument. This means that when you book an MBTI workshop with EML you can be certain that the outcomes will be reliable and highly applicable to your team and business. Completing the process of MBTI supports team members to know each other better and enhances team relationships.

What Next?

We want to learn about your team and your objectives. Get in touch today to find out how we can apply MBTI to your people to create a measurably more effective team. Call 01905 330660 or email info@emlteam.com to start the process and building a better team with MBTI.

The Guide To Improving Communication With Team Building

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The Guide To Improving Communication With Team Building

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