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Emlteam Blog

Engaging Prospective University Graduates With Fun Team Building

16/01/20 11:34

Sponsored by the Outreach Team at Birmingham University, a team building activity was required to enable a group of prospective under graduates from non-typical backgrounds to quickly feel welcome and bonded with their fellow course mates.

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The Thinker On The Race Track: Wrong Personality Types In The Wrong Roles

14/01/20 09:55

Making sure an organisation has the right people in the right roles is a business-critical function. Human capital deployed into the wrong roles can lead to a negative employee experience. This can present major barriers to teams achieving their optimum performance.

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Ready, Steady, Cook! A Team Meal

14/12/19 09:24

Most people are familiar with the phrase ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’. EML's Super Chef challenge is the team building activity that will bring this saying to life, and see if it applies to your team.

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Radio Silence: Get Your Managers & Team Members Communicating Again

04/12/19 17:08

Day-to-day poor communication can lead to misunderstandings at best. At worst, it can lead to complete communication breakdown and conflict. It doesn’t take much imagination to see where this leads. While communication won't always be perfect, an ongoing culture of poor communication is a disaster for businesses.

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You've got 60 Seconds: Drop Your Team Into The Crystal Maze

28/11/19 16:02

Team building activities can sometimes be met with a silent groan by employees. This is often due to poor quality experiences in the past, with no discernible benefits to the employees or business. Booking a team building event with expert providers can help mitigate the resistance, as can having a familiar topic. Most people have heard of, if not enjoyed watching, the television show The Crystal Maze over the years, and EML’s team building activity follows the same enjoyable format with teams rather than individuals.

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A Fun Evening With The Team Or An Exercise In Business Growth... Why Not Both?

14/11/19 10:30

It’s no secret that somewhere along the line, team building events got a bit of a murky reputation. Reputable events became seen as expensive jollies dressed up as a serious business. Even if this were true in some cases, it’s a substantial misrepresentation of the possibilities that a well-facilitated evening team building event offers an organisation and its employees. After all, teams that play together do indeed stay together.

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Innovating To Hit The Target - Conference Team Building

13/11/19 13:49

Collaborating with the client we decided to base the team building solution on our Construction Project format. Rather than have 40 teams design and build one of our more typical devices such as cranes, catapults or bridges we tailored the activity to build ‘football free-kick machines’.

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5 Team-Building Activities That Need You To C-OM-M-U-N-I-C-A-T-E

11/11/19 17:27

EML provides a wide selection of team building activities to develop communication skills.

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NEW for Autumn 2019 - Health and Wellbeing Workshops for Team Building.

21/08/19 10:21

We are living in an age of choice. The amount of choices we have are making living healthy and happy lives more and more difficult.

What should we eat? How do we relax? Stress? What exercise should we do? What time do we go to bed?

Working with health and wellbeing professionals EML Team has deigned as series of accessible team workshops that help you and your team to make good choices.

Our workshops focus on the three key areas of movement, nutrition and mindfulness and are aimed  at changing the environmental context of your workplace to facilitate your team making healthy options the default choice.

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OSS Retail 2019 – Bespoke Team Building Design

19/08/19 09:48

For the last three years EML Team has supported OSS Retail (Formally The Oxford Summer School) for one afternoon and evening of their week-long residential courses based at Oxford University.

Utilising our expertise in designing team building activities we provide OSS with outdoor team sessions that stimulate communication and thoughtful dialogue between groups as they rotate around a selection of bespoke team exercises.

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