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EML Team Blog
EML Team Blog

Supporting Learning Providers.

From the design and delivery of fun, engaging team building events, through to tailor made training and development, we are always passionate about supporting the skills development of our Clients’ workforce.

We also appreciate that the Apprenticeship programme can be a valuable tool in recruiting staff to an organisation as well as offering a great way to “up-skill” existing employees, and give people an opportunity to gain a recognised qualification while they work.

As part of our commitment to skills development, we have designed a full day of business relevant practical activities all aimed at developing the communication skills of Apprentices – of any age and from any organisation. This day is run in partnership with Learning Providers as part of their Apprenticeship delivery.

Who is it for?

This event can be delivered to a mixed cohort of Apprentices of any age. We have found that cohorts made up of Learners from different employers make for a more engaging experience because Apprentices can share ideas and “best practice” with people from other backgrounds and working environments.

Why should you consider this as part of your offer?

  • Better market positioning as a “value added” provider
  • Strengthens relationships with Levy and non Levy payers
  • Offers your delivery team another layer of delivery options Can be presented as part of a “full cost recovery” offer


Full day of activities includes:

  • Seminar Elements – Communicating in Business
  • Introversion v Extroversion
  • Business skills – using the telephone, face to face meetings Practical Group Exercises including “Lego Architect” And much more!