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Emlteam Blog

5 Top Tips for getting more from your next Team Profiling Workshop

08/05/19 15:47

Don't just put your reports in the top drawer and move on - expect more from your next team profiling session - here's how..

Myers Briggs Type Indicator is one of many profiling tools applicable to team development in the marketplace.

Amongst others I have worked with Everything DiSC, SDI, Insights Discovery and Belbin Team Roles when designing and delivering team workshops for clients.

All of these reports provide insight into your team’s dynamic but too often organisations’ investment of time and money in profiling sessions is lost when the reports are popped in the top drawer and not acted upon.

Here are my 5 top tips for making the most out of your next team profiling workshop.

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A Breakdown of What Kind of Sales Personality You Want (According To The Myers Briggs Test)

29/01/19 16:49

Salespeople are not all created the same; some use direct value-based tactics while others may prefer to lay on the personal charm. An individual's personality will influence the kind of strategies they use when trying to convince customers to spend money. It is useful for a business to comprehend the personality type of employees, especially during the recruiting process to see if it aligns with the company's style.

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Which Myers Briggs Personality Result Should Be Avoided At All Costs 

15/01/19 13:16

A team needs to work interdependently to reach an objective. To achieve this, however, members must be able to accommodate each other's personalities. The cohesion of a team depends on how people engage. For this reason, understanding the characters of team members is crucial. Knowing about team members' strengths and weaknesses makes it easier to manage them. Myers Briggs is one of the common personality tests that enterprises use to learn more about their employees. It can help a company identify where employees are most useful.

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