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Emlteam Blog


Emlteam Blog

6 Team Building Activities To Build Trust

01/11/18 14:53

'There's no team without trust' as Paul Santanga of Google put it - building trust in your workplace will improve relationships, communication and productivity. Your employees will work more efficiently as a team and everyone will benefit from increased morale at work.

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Shooting Success At The MLAIC World Championships

07/09/18 16:30

Many congratulations to EML Director, Jon Huggett, having just returned from the 28th MLAIC World Championships in Eisenstadt, Austria.

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EML Team Supports Women V Cancer Charity Cycling Event

19/06/18 17:29

As our talented Operations Director, Sarah Tatham-Stone is no stranger to conquering a challenge, we were proud to show our support when she signed up to Women V Cancer’s Ride the Night; the UK’s largest all female charity cycling event.

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Who dunnit in Luczern?

14/12/16 16:27

Back in the air again this month. This time I was off to the beautiful city of Luzern to run a Murder Mystery team building event over dinner for our EML Zurich partner.

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Back to School for Michelle and Sarah

14/12/16 16:22

Last week's stand out out team building event was delivered by Michelle Pogmore and Sarah Tatham for 360 Year 9 pupils at the Coombe Academy in Surrey. The event was designed to use complex architectural plans and Lego bricks to help the students build better team working skills. Time and again we hear from our clients that they would like to see the communication and interpersonal skills of new recruits / school leavers improved.

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Get more from Management Training Sessions

14/12/16 16:19
Time and again I hear clients frame rival Management Team Training sessions in terms of the frustration felt at the lack of application of any theory covered to real business issues and ultimately to the lack of outcomes full stop.
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Exert: UK Corporate Excellence Awards 2015: EML "Best in Team Building Events 2015"

14/12/16 16:17

UK Corporate Excellence Awards 2015.jpg

For our process, we offer team experiences and team development formats that encourage team effectiveness by enhancing communication, cohesion, collaboration, time management, leadership skills and morale leading to an improved group dynamic. Since our inception, we have always provided high quality levels of service, and over the last three years we have concentrated on recruiting high quality staff and having state of the art equipment. We believe that this will ensure that the client gains a complete event experience and receives a real return on their investment.

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Best in Team Building Events 2015

14/12/16 16:12

Jon, Neil and the Team are thrilled to announce that EML Team has won the category for Best in Team Building Events 2015 at the UK Corporate Excellence Awards 2015.

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Our Team Works!

14/12/16 16:08

Our Team Works.jpg

When EML was launched in 2000; Co-Founder Paul Atkinson (pictured) was a huge part of the story. Paul's business acumen, insight and vision were key components of our early success. It was an uncertain time for incumbents Neil Cleaver and Jon Huggett when Paul made the courageous decision to start afresh in Zurich in 2011 by launching his own Team Development company in Switzerland; TeamWorks GmbH.

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Toledo - a comic strip story

14/12/16 16:03

Toledo - a comic strip story.png

Working abroad can be a rare treat, but you often hear stories of flying to other climates only to be stuck in meetings and conference rooms before flying home again. I had rather a different experience…

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