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EML Team Blog
EML Team Blog

Tailored Team Building for the McCain family in Hull

Client brief: A half day team building activity for 100 staff members from all levels across one division of McCains. The afternoon session would follow on from a morning of business presentations delivered by the division’s Senior Leadership Team.

The client had already booked the venue themselves close to their base in Hull, in this case it was the Hallmark Hotel.

As the team offsite was taking the place during the UK springtime, the weather couldn’t be counted on and as such the chosen team building activity needed to be delivered entirely indoors.

As the delegation was a broad spectrum of employees from across the business the suggested activity must be appropriate in tone and inclusive for everyone. It was imperative that the session had some commercial relevance in terms of ‘take aways’ but that it was also great fun as this was also a ‘thank you’ for a great year.

Our solution: After a telephone consultation we provided the client, an experienced HR professional, with several outline team building solutions that could be tailored to satisfy her brief. Whenever a client has booked their own venue we will always put in a complimentary call to the hotel’s conference and banqueting team in order to check that the space is suitable for the options that we are suggesting.

Once the client had had a chance to consider the options she requested more information on our Detective Training Team Building Activity

When a client requests more information from one of EML’s Consultants they will receive a more in depth, tailored proposal written specifically for their brief.

The client liked what she saw. The price was right. The proposal offered her a menu of indoor, Police themed team building activities from which to choose, all of which were fun and inline with her brief of wanting it to be inclusive and fun.

Fun aside the client also wanted to talk about the outcomes of the session. The nature of the activities offered in the Detective Training force teams to consider they way in which they communicate with one another, how they support one another in meeting targets and how they manage their time. All of these competencies could be easily linked back to the morning session thus making the team build both meaningful and relevant to the theme of their offsite.

The client chose to proceed with EML we were delighted!

What were the outcomes?

The team building activity was delivered seamlessly as promised on time and on budget.

The client was delighted.

The participants loved the session and remarked that it was the best activity that they had done.

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