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EML Team Blog
EML Team Blog

Don’t underestimate the importance of “Fun” – Using Team Building Activities to Identify Skills Needs

Apparently, Summer is nearly here.  Not the “fake Summer” we get during the Easter Bank holiday,  but the real one – June through to September.

Typically, these are very busy months for businesses like ours because we are working hard to deliver all sorts of Team Building events for organisations all over the Country.  Activities like our “Soapbox Derby”, “Junkyard Challenge” or “All Manor of Mystery” are popular during the Summer because many employers feel that this is a good time to reward and recognise the hard work of their workforce and strengthen team dynamics.

It is also a natural break in the year, and teams all over the UK enjoy a “fun” day with lots of high energy activities.

What many employers still forget is that these Team Building activities can be used to provide a valuable insight into the skills and training needs of their staff.  Nearly all our “fun” activities require strong communicative abilities, many are time critical – so strong planning, leadership and negotiation skills need to be used.

By placing the workforce in a relaxed, fun environment we have been able use these team building events to provide our clients with a comprehensive “Team Report” which gives the employer an overview of the strengths and development areas within the team.

The “Team Report” is an in-depth Needs Analysis that looks at core competencies that many consider to be “business critical” – communication, conflict management, delegation, leadership, change, time management – all of which are simulated in a “fun” way.

When we provide our clients with a “Team Report” we make clear recommendations for Skills Development and Training – all of which is tailor made to the delegate group.   This makes much more impact to the learners because the training is completely relevant to them and the challenges they face.

We have supported organisations such as RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) who booked one of our Summer activities.  Our “Team Report” showed the employer a way to strengthen levels of client engagement and business development, and this resulted in a programme of Sales, Account Management and Bid Writing training.  A perfect example of turning “fun” into “impact.”

By offering our clients something unique, we have been able to make a real difference to the ongoing cultural development of these organisations.  We love seeing people having fun at our events, and pride ourselves on being energetic, creative and genuinely excited to be working with our clients’ teams. 

We also do everything we can to show our clients that a team building event is a great way of identifying gaps that could be affecting morale, productivity and profitability.

In our eyes – Fun is very serious.

To learn more about how a team building event can be linked to staff development and skills outputs, contact us on 01905 330660 or visit www.emlteam.com or www.emlskills.com for more information on our tailor made training courses.