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Who dunnit in Luczern?

Posted by Neil Cleaver on 14/12/16 16:27

Who dunnit in Luczern.jpg

Back in the air again this month. This time I was off to the beautiful city of Luzern to run a Murder Mystery team building event over dinner for our EML Zurich partner.
Before stepping off the plane I had been given the business card off the guy next to me, a Californian family man who is head of Engineering for a large company. We both agreed after discussing our children and plane flight habits that networking was one of the most important aspects of work. I’d say it is also one of the most rewarding and an offer to stay with his family in California overlooking the beach a bit of a bonus.
So why bring your clients together for a Murder Mystery over dinner in a Swiss Chalet in Luzern? For Fondue? It was fon but my god that stuff penetrates the skin! These events are social in nature, and in this instance allowed for an international team to come together after a tiring couple of days of conferencing. It’s a relaxed atmosphere with small teams drinking and laughing their way through three courses, sending and receiving written messages to the suspects to determine the killer. Leading an event like this requires energy and a subtle understanding of the client and their culture. With over 70% repeat business we are a dedicated, professional and inspiring team of individuals who constantly strive to bring the best of our-selves to each team building event.
So, a sit down Murder Mystery in a Swiss Chalet? Yes! A coming together of a business, with multi-cultural individuals for fun!? Yes! With a considered, professional approach that understands the qualities and needs of the client? Yes! Maybe that’s all the answer you need!

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